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I am a graphic designer by trade who has had a lifelong interest in photography, one of the many things I had in common with my late father, who was a professional photographer as a young man in our native Venezuela, and introduced me to the art of taking pictures as a teenager when we moved to Vienna in 1980.


For several years I have been using digital imagery, which allows me to create hundreds of images in a matter of hours, in order to edit one or two good ones from the entire exercise. The digital technology has also allowed me to learn about digital printing, different types of inks, archival quality photo papers, and printing on watercolor paper and canvas, as well as metal — all mediums that give me great flexibility in terms of the final photographic result for my images.


Throughout my life I lived in several big cities in Latin America and Europe, but never felt "completely" at home in any of them. So when I came to the US, I decided to live on the coast, in a small beach cottage and enjoy a simple life in the daily company of Mother Nature. Here... God has given me the opportunity and the privilege to "do what I love, and love what I do", and I THANK Him for that every day of my life!


Over 20 years ago I emigrated from the northernmost point of South America to the southernmost point in North America. In many ways, these two places are totally different. But when I drift along the natural rivers and waterways of Florida, or spend a Sunday morning surfing the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, I forget about time and space, and all the memories of my tropical growing up come back to me in a single breeze of salty air. This portfolio of images is the result of the past thirty plus years, taking pictures of my everyday life in this tropical paradise, as well as some favorites from my archives. Enjoy the ride!

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