My father was a professional photographer and started his career as a young man circa 1950s, and gave me my first camera at the age of 18 when we moved to Vienna in 1980. This camera was a very heavy, all metal, all manual Voigtländer.


I absolutely loved this photographic machine! It sounded like an old type writer every time I took a picture. But the quality of the images was amazing. The first time I used it, my dad gave a roll of ILFORD, 400 ASA of 36 photos, and asked me to hit the streets of Vienna and photographed only “reflections”. “Anything reflected is good, nothing else but reflections” he told me, when you are done with the 36 photographs come back and we will analyze them together.


So when I was done that afternoon, we went together to a photo studio right across from the St. Stephen's Cathedral in downtown Vienna where we lived.

He asked for a “contact sheet” of the roll and when we got it back a couple days later, we sat down at the diner table and looked at all 36 photographs through a magnifying glass that he used for that purpose.

The following exercises ranged from circular shapes, to women only, to couples, to animals, to buildings, cruces you name it. This went on for several yaers until I went bacl to Venezuela after finish my studies.

This is the story of my beginnings as an image maker, since I have never dared calling myself a photographer!

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